Image Size and Quality

Image Size and Quality

Smaller is Better
For image size and quality, smaller is better for photos to be displayed on a web site or Facebook. Today’s smart phones and cameras produce large images which are fine for printing an 8 x 10 photo on paper, but an 8 x 10 photo is too big to fit on your smart phone or computer screen.

When browsing, those images and photos you see have been processed and optimized to display correctly. This process goes on behind the scene. That is what is happening when you see the delay when you upload an image or photo. This delay can be quick or slow depending on the size of the image being uploaded.

Image Size and Quality
We do the heavy work for you
When you select the “Add Image” on the Submit Your Ad Page, your photo is processed and optimized. We need to reduce the image size so the 8 x 10 photo size your smart phone or camera took will fit into the space allocated for your ad when you browse.

The orientation for photos and images is the Landscape mode, so for images that are taller than they are wide we add space to the width to accommodate the full picture.

The maximum images size on this web site is 1024 x 1024. Facebook is different, depending on where the image goes.

When taking pictures for your ad, you will get better results if you hold your smart phone in the “Landscape” mode, sideways.
The maximum upload file size is 10 mb. A larger file will not be processed for your ad.

Another reason for reducing the image size is that it takes less time to load a web page with smaller images so your browsing is quick and pleasant. Slow load time is awkward, uncomfortable and discourages a visitor from coming back.

Our next post will delve further into images for the internet.

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