Getting Started

How do I get started?

  • First you need to Register as a User.
  • To Register using your Facebook log-in: Click on the Register Here Tab in the top orange Navigation bar. Scroll down and click on the Facebook logo.


    Register to open your own account

  • That’s it. Your are registered with Free Ads In Idaho.
    • Click Here for  How do I post an ad?
    • Scroll down to Register if you do not have a Facebook Login.












  • Otherwise, to Register: Click on the Register Tab in the top navigation bar.
  • Enter a User Name and your eMail address.
  • A long password will be generated. You can change the password by placing your curser at the end and backspace till the field is blank.
  • Enter the password you want. Use a combination of alpha characters, numbers and special characters till “Strong” appears.
  • Complete the “Captcha”
  • Click the orange “Create Account” button.
  • Now you can log in to post an ad.
  • Click Here for  How do I post an ad?