Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post an ad?

  • Once registered you can post ads. The process is simple.
  • To Login, Click on Login Here on the top orange navigation bar (far right).
  • When the Login Page opens you can Login using your Username and Password or click on the Facebook logo to Login using your Facebook Login.
  • Then click on My Account (near the top-right of the screen), then click on Post New Ad.
  • The Submit Listing page will open.
  • Select a Category then a sub-category
  • Click on the orange button, a new page will open.
  • Enter your ad listing information. Items with an asterisk * are required fields.
  • Fill in the Address field if you want your address to be on the Google Map. Leave blank if you want privacy.
  • Entering “tags” will help your ad be found. Tags are “keywords” that describe what you are advertising. Put a comma between each word or keyword phrase. Example “print,frame,Bev Doolittle”
  • Add at least one image. After processing your first image the Add Image button will appear to add another image. 5 images is the maximum.
  • Click the orange “Continue” button. Your ad and images will be processed.
  • A new page will open. Double-check your ad and carefully read the “Rules and Guidelines.” If you agree to the site’s terms and conditions, click the orange “Proceed” button.
  • Your ad will be submitted to the administrator. Ads that meet the rules and guidelines will be approved. Upon approval by the administrator your ad will appear on the web site.
  • You can edit and/or pause your ad  using the My Dashboard feature.

How do I change my password?

    • Click theLogin link (near the top-right of the screen), enter your username and current password, and click the orange “Login” button.
    • Under “User Options” click the “Edit Profile” link.
    • In the “New Password” field, enter your new password. (Watch the “Strength indicator” and make sure your password is strong.)
    • In the “Password Again” field, re-enter your new password.
    • Click the orange “Update Profile” button.

How do I edit or pause my approved ads?

      • Click theLogin link (near the top-right of the screen), enter your username and current password, and click the orange “Login” button.
      • Click theMy Dashboard link (also near the top-right of the screen).
      • If you have any ads that are currently “Live” on the system (approved and not yet expired), the “Title,” “Status,” and “Options” will be displayed for each add.
      • If you would like to edit your ad, in the “Options” column click the small pencil icon to the right of the title, make your changes, and then click the orange “Update Ad” button.
      • If you need to pause your ad, in the “Options” column click the small pause icon. Your ad will then be off-line and not display on the site. To resume display of a paused ad (if it has not yet expired), click the play icon, which displays in the same position as the pause icon.

What if the Google Map display isn’t correct?

      • First, follow the instructions above to Login, access your Dashboard, and edit your ad.
      • Next, make sure that your address, city, state, zip, and country information is correct.
      • Note: If do not want your address associated with your ad, we made the address field entry optional, so just leave it blank to maintain privacy.

I’m receiving a message that my images are too large. How can I reduce the size?

      • There are two factors: 1.) Image size; 2.) Image quality. If you don’t have an image editor on your computer–or don’t know how to use it–you can use one of the free on-line “image shrinking” programs.
      • To visit one we’ve used, click here

Need More Help?

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