$ Store Now Open

$ Store Now Open

$ Store Now Open

At Free Ads In Idaho you will find the $ Store Now Open.

We are introducing an exclusive classified ads feature –The $ Store. Great bargains in $ categories from $1 to $10. The $ Store, with sub-categories of $1 to $10, is an additional category for our Classified Ads. This will appeal to those looking for a gift idea in the $1-$10 price range.

Sell your stuff at the bargain prices shoppers are looking for, one dollar to ten dollars.

To pick your bargains, click on the Categories tab in the orange navigation bar and select the $ amount.

$ Store Now Open

$ Store Now Open

Everybody loves the bargains offered at the local dollar store. Now you can find great $ bargains at Free Ads In Idaho

The five largest dollar stores are Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Fred’s Super Dollar and 99 Cents Only. All are franchises and most of the items sold are wholesale remnants. At Free Ads In Idaho you will find unique gifts and items not found anywhere else, including the dollar store chains.

For those inexpensive trinkets, gadgets and other items you have laying around, post them in the $ Store at Free Ads In Idaho.

For those looking for a gift idea, browse through the $ Store Classifieds, you might be surprised.

Individuals and businesses alike can post an item in the $ Store category or any of the other categories.

Image Sizes for Facebook

Image sizes for Facebook

We post a lot of your ads on www.FreeAdsInIdaho.com on our Facebook page, (Free Ads In Idaho) We often refer to the image sizes for Facebook chart below and we thought we would share them with you for your reference. For more information see the web site Social-J.Blogspot which is the source for the following information.

image sizes for facebook

Cover Photo: 851 x 315 px
You can’t upload a cover photo that’s less than 720 px wide. For sharp, crisp images, start with a canvas that’s twice the size (1702 x 630 px). For images with text or graphics, you may get a higher quality result by using a PNG file.
Profile Picture: 160 x 160 px
Profile pictures must be at least 180 x 180 px to upload. Rectangular images will be cropped from the center of the image. When you post an update, comment or like someone else’s page, your profile picture will appear at 90 x 90 px.

Here is a handy reference chart of key sizes for your Facebook pages.

  • Facebook Cover Photo: 851 x 315
  • Profile Picture Size: 160 x 160
  • Custom Tab Image Size:111 x 74
  • Facebook Page Post Images: 960 x 960 (or up to 2048 x 2048 to upload)
  • Link previews: 90 x 90
  • Ad image size: 100 x 72
  • Sponsored Story Images: 194 x 139
  • Milestone or Highlighted Post: 843 x 403
  • Full Image on a Custom Tab: 810 x 1200

It is a lot more efficient time-wise and to conserve disk space if you re-size your images before posting. For those that do not have an image editor, we use Photoshop, you can re-size your images on line at WebResizer. It is free and easy to use.

It’s also a good idea to re-size images for sending in your emails.

Image Size and Quality

Image Size and Quality

Smaller is Better
For image size and quality, smaller is better for photos to be displayed on a web site or Facebook. Today’s smart phones and cameras produce large images which are fine for printing an 8 x 10 photo on paper, but an 8 x 10 photo is too big to fit on your smart phone or computer screen.

When browsing, those images and photos you see have been processed and optimized to display correctly. This process goes on behind the scene. That is what is happening when you see the delay when you upload an image or photo. This delay can be quick or slow depending on the size of the image being uploaded.

Image Size and Quality
We do the heavy work for you
When you select the “Add Image” on the Submit Your Ad Page, your photo is processed and optimized. We need to reduce the image size so the 8 x 10 photo size your smart phone or camera took will fit into the space allocated for your ad when you browse.

The orientation for photos and images is the Landscape mode, so for images that are taller than they are wide we add space to the width to accommodate the full picture.

The maximum images size on this web site is 1024 x 1024. Facebook is different, depending on where the image goes.

When taking pictures for your ad, you will get better results if you hold your smart phone in the “Landscape” mode, sideways.
The maximum upload file size is 10 mb. A larger file will not be processed for your ad.

Another reason for reducing the image size is that it takes less time to load a web page with smaller images so your browsing is quick and pleasant. Slow load time is awkward, uncomfortable and discourages a visitor from coming back.

Our next post will delve further into images for the internet.

Social Media Log-in

Social Media Log-in has been added to the Register and Log-in pages.

Now you can use your Facebook logins so you don’t have to keep track of one more username and password for Free Ads In Idaho.

Welcome to Free Ads In Idaho

Free Ads in Idaho Classifieds

Free Ads in Idaho

Free Ads in Idaho

Free Ads in Idaho Classified ads are one of the effective ways of advertising what you have for sale and finding what you want to buy. In the past, newspaper classified ads have been a popular and effective means for sellers and buyers. One of the shortcomings of newspaper classifieds is the pricing structure. Ads are charged for by the word or line. To keep the cost down short cryptic descriptions are used. An example is this ad for a used car  “A/C, pwr pkg, 6cyl AT, 2wd, $9k firm.” And, there are no pictures.
This classified ad web site, Free Ads In Idaho, solves these two problems, and to introduce our service, the classified ads are FREE!. You can post pictures, list extensive descriptive detail and provide a lot of other information you want the buyer to know about your product and you.

At Free Ads in Idaho your ad is “classified” into categories and is searchable which makes it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for and avoid the boredom of scrolling through a lot of stuff they have no interest in.

With the “Manage your Ads” feature, you can change your ad anytime, like adjusting the price up or down.

To prevent undesirable ads, all ads are reviewed by the Administrator before they appear on line and at his discretion he can prevent posting the ad.

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